Five Ways To Live More Sustainably


We’ve all begun to grow more conscious of how our actions, both individually and as a society, are affecting the planet. From what we eat to where we shop, there are many small changes we can make to try and reduce the impact that we have on the environment bit by bit. However, although many of us want to do our bit, it’s hard to know where to start. Well… start here! Here are five ways to live more sustainably without breaking the bank.

1. Shopping

I’m sure we’re all guilty of buying something and wearing it only a handful of times before getting bored of it and throwing it away, but fast fashion has shown itself to be a real drain on the environment. Swapping out fast fashion brands and trend pieces in favour of second hand clothing and classic items is both better for the planet and for our student loans in the long run.

2. Ecosia

I recently read about Ecosia, a browser that uses the revenue it gets from ads to plant trees at no extra cost to the consumer. What’s not to love? I changed the settings on my laptop immediately after hearing about it and have hardly noticed a difference from the default search engine I was previously using. It’s clean, clear and no different to use than Google.

3. Reusable bottles

I’m so used to carrying my water bottle round and filling it up in whichever coffee shop I happen to be near. I think I’d be offended if I had to pay for water at this point! And who doesn’t feel like they have their life together when they’re carrying around their Costa in a Keep Cup? That’s top tier organisation.

4. Walk more

9ams are definitely made easier by hopping on the bus, but next time maybe think about walking to campus or even getting off a few stops early. Not only does this reduce emissions but a walk in the morning always wakes me up so I’m slightly less of a zombie in the lecture. Start once a week, then twice and before you know it you might find yourself walking past the bus stop everyday.

5. Be more conscious

Finally, it’s all of our jobs to be aware of what’s happening around us. Read more, across a variety of news platforms, and be aware of the consequences of the choices that we make everyday. It’s unrealistic to drastically change our lifestyles at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try at all. The all or nothing approach won’t get us anywhere because if that’s the way we choose to live, it’ll always end up being nothing.


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