My Relationship with Dating Apps


My theory is you either love to hate them or you hate to love them. If you feel the former, it’s probably because you are in a loving and committed relationship or because you find them to be shallowly based on solely physical attraction.

I, however, hate to love them. I wish I could say I was just procrastinating. You know, swiping left or right to avoid work and responsibility. But I reckon I have a hidden desire to find my very own Prince Charming. Like one day I’ll just be swiping, and right there, before my eyes will be the love of my life: chiseled jaw, tanned skin and deep blue eyes. Unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, hey?

The thing about dating apps is the increasing concern posed by ‘catfish’. What if this chiseled, tanned, god of a man is just the opposite.?Because let’s be real, physical attraction is important. What if the blind date isn’t what it says on the tin? Or worse, what if they don’t even exist? What if this person is just an artificially intelligent robot? I know I can’t afford to be picky, but a pulse isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

So the question is how do I truly feel about dating apps. Having dabbled in a few (Bumble, Hinge) I can safely say that I hate to love them. I probably shouldn’t trust them and I probably won’t find ‘THE ONE’ by gluing my eyes to my phone screen, but they are a weird sort of comfort blanket. I may find myself continually disappointed by them, but for some reason my thumb keeps swiping…

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