Pick of the month… Graphic Design Graduate Jade Davies


This issue we interviewed Graphic Design graduate Jade Davies and asked her how she felt when the University of Southampton asked if they could use her work in their adverts.

It was a privilege to be noticed out of all the brilliant artists at WSA. Being chosen to represent the course and the University gave me a real feeling of accomplishment and was an amazing way to end my education.

What is your work generally about?

I enjoy work that involves or is based around human nature. My work is very conceptual, but I also like to produce images that stand alone as visual aesthetics- without the audience necessarily needing any knowledge of the concept.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m focusing all my energy on becoming a freelance designer. I’m building on my portfolio and have also been collaborating with different artists. I know it will take me a good while to build a big enough client list but I think self-motivation and patience will be key to success.

For more information on Jade’s work, visit: www.jadedavies.co.uk


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