Southampton University Symphony Orchestra Tour 2010: Croatia


At the beginning of July, myself and 60 instrumentalists from Southampton University Symphony Orchestra (SUSO) boarded a double-decker coach and embarked on the long journey from Southampton to the beautiful and historic town of Zadar in Croatia.

We took a challenging but rewarding programme with us including symphonies by Dvorak and Sibelius.

We played three concerts, in Zadar, Sibenik and the enchanting island of Pag. we were all left astounded by the hospitality we received from the Croatians; all the concert venues were set up ready for us to get their our instruments out and play.

Each of the concerts were held outside in the village or town square, people poured out from what had previously seemed like ghost towns and filled all the chairs and even stood to watch the concerts.

The Croatian children were so well behaved and sat in awe listening to SUSO’s performancs. Although each concert was different, there was one remainding constant; the amazing atmosphere.The energy in the air after each and every performance was inspiring to s all.

It is safe to say the Croatians loved SUSO. So much so, that we even appeared on the front page of one of their newspapers.


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