Pick of the month… Fine Art Graduate Catherine Thomas


1) How does it feel now that you have graduated?

Winchester really was my second home, so I was sad to leave. Setting up the degree show was such an intense fortnight. WSA was such a great community to be in, to have so many like-minded people around you. That’s one of the best educations you could ask for.

2) What is your work generally about?
I mostly work with installations, recycling old construction materials like wood and bricks; things that already have a history of their own. I’m fascinated by the different perspective things can have, how maps can transform systems of landscapes and cities into a whole new language of signs. Drawing also plays a huge part in my work. It is what comes before the installations.

3) Plans for the future?
I’m hoping to do a Fine Art MA sometime in the next few years, hopefully somewhere in London. For now thought I’m taking things as they come. I have a show coming up in Islington in November, so I’m pretty excited. It’ll be amazing to have a new space to chance into a whole other little world.

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