Wake up wake up, there’s a Car Boot Sale on.


Every Sunday morning, smeary eyed enthusiasts flock to Winchester’s car boot sale in search for that rare object of desire. No matter what the weather, they brave it, wrapping up in their scarf’s and setting off on down the road, to have a good old mooch in peoples’ car boots. They’re looking for bargains of course, something they can brag to their friends about later on. ‘Guess how much? Go on guess.’ This is where I butt in and say 10p. Always start with a low number.

It obviously helps if you know your stuff. We should all know that a copy of Sgt. Peppers is going to be worth a bit. And if you know your trinkets, then you should be in luck. People have made thousands from buying and selling. One man bought a copy of the Rolling Stones LP ‘Black and Blue’ for just £2 at a car boot sale in Derbyshire, and then went on to sell it for five thousand. Similarly, a woman bought a vacuum cleaner that had £300 stashed inside.

But it only really takes a few months to abandon our rare finds. They get lost among the clutter, dissolved into your every day uses- and the cycle continues. It’s Sunday again, time to get up. That’s the beauty of this place, amd in all Car Boot sales. They’re goldmines, and they change every week.

You don’t have to go in search of money. In fact some people would argue that that would take the fun out of it. That the whole point in going to a car boot is to just look around, perhaps pick up a cheap DVD or book. And they’d be right. On a good day, I’ve been lucky to have picked up 5 or 6 books, each costing 50p. I’m still reading them.

We can’t talk about car boots without of course mentioning The Recession. Dum dum durr. The general public that are trying to latch on to ways of making money, whilst others, that can’t afford new clothes simply come here instead. I’m sure some of you will be able to recall the Gok Wan episode where a girl bought an entire outfit, including shoes, for just 80p.

There’s also the selling part to car boots. For those that are finishing University this year (sorry I know it’s a little too early to mention) I’m sure you’re all going to have some stuff that you simply can’t afford to take home, or maybe you just don’t like it anymore. Lump it in a bin bag, and get down to the Car Boot. You can purchase a table for around £3 (depending on who you’re selling for) You don’t even need a car. The items you chucked in will start to sell. Remember that etting up your store nicely, will entice the buyers in.

The top items sold at car boot sales are toys, clothes, books, DVDs, furniture and some light machinery. Eg. Hoovers with £300 in. Generally people just want to get rid of their items and so are more than happy to haggle as long as they sell. I would definitely recommend that you brave the cold and go and have a good look around. There are many items that will undoubtedly grab your attention, and make you forget about those extra 2 hours in bed.

The Car Boot is situated on Worthy lane, near the Railway station. There’s a white pub on the corner called ‘The Albion Inn.’ Follow the road towards the small Tesco’s and you should see it. Buyers are advised to get there around 8, sellers alike. The car boot closes for Christmas, so get there before then.


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