Winchester Nightlife: The Student Survival Guide


For research purposes, I went out at the weekend to find the cheapest, decent venues.

Thursday  Pitcher & Piano survival guide:

1) Start drinking beforehand. A good foundation for a long night of queuing at the bar.

2) Get there early! You will be waiting in the queue for a very long time if you get there after 10 (unless you’ve got a spare fiver to pay off the Bouncer or you could save that for entry tomorrow).

3) Go with the flow…literally Pitcher plays great music, so everyone wants to be there and eventually they all will. Prepare for a lot of pushing and shoving and just go with it. Student nights aren’t as bad because you’ll see a lot of familiar faces which makes the person you’re smooshed up against a little less awkward.


The prices were great, free entry and £3 for double vodka Red Bull and £1 shots! However, not worth it if you were the unlucky ones waiting in the queue for 45 minutes!

First Year Graphics Student

Friday Bar 3one Survival Guide

1) Get on the guest-list! If you write your name down on their Facebook event wall it’ll cost you £4 before 11, £5 if later. The first 100 to enter get a free shot.

2) Straight talking no queues! I never had to wait to get served, the staff are fast and the drinks were cheap (£1.50 singles £2.50 doubles).

3) Remember, there’s a photographer on the loose… Yes, the dreaded camera that snaps you at you’re least expecting it. Just smile graciously, or do what I do ladies and hold your bag to your face. I avoided epic humiliation and got loads of photos of my beautiful new clutch bag! Win/win!

‘Frisky’ was awesome, great music and cheap drinks!

1st Year Fashion Student

There are plenty more cheap nights throughout the week so join the Facebook pages and keep informed of the deals!


2nd Year studying Graphic Arts (Illustration)

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