Art Students: The Origin of Species


Art Students are a different species. Don’t even front, it’s FACT. After some people-watching and Internet browsing I came to the conclusion that Southampton University’s Art Department is far away in Winchester for a good reason.

After observing my fellow Art Students who I see every day and going through the many stereotypical personalities society has thrown up, I have narrowed them down to the five most entertaining categories; Hipster Hippies, The Eccentrics, The Fashionistas, The Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking People and The Rejects of Society.

Hipster Hippies

Let’s begin with The Hipster Hippies. When they bother to come in to university they tell tales of wonderfully crazy dreams where they rode rainbow Unicorns over clouds of Coco-Pops and rivers of peppermint tea. They crawl local charity shops on a daily basis, hunting for those bargain designer pieces which they will then re-sell on eBay to get enough magic beans for the week. I hear business is good around here. Nocturnal, most likely found on Instagram.

The Eccentrics

Then there are The Eccentrics. For some, Halloween is every day. They can spend days making a costume just so that they’re able to scare the bejeezus out of you when they walk past. They are walking, talking art exhibitions. It’s awesome how they don’t care about what people think about them though, you feel me? We all need some kookiness in our lives, right?

The Fashionistas

Now for The Fashionistas. Them dudes come equipped in Rick Owens head to toe. Shawties wearing ALL BLACK EVERYTHING are big in the game right now. Big shout out to them. Of course, you also have the ones who dress like the Internet. You know what I mean when I say this, yeah? TUMBLR GIRLS. Camo over-shirt, printed sweatshirt, short faded denim shorts, Doc Martin boots and some snap back they got from JD Sports. Move on with your life, gurl.

The Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking People

The Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking People are a rare breed, but they can be seen around our art school on a daily basis. I’m gonna be specific though. There’s only two of them I care about: one of them is to be kept a secret and the other one can often be found in the library – I see you reading them books, you fiiiine! But yes, the model-looking specimens are unreachable and intimidating, but maybe they’ll read this and give me a chance.

The Rejects of Society

And finally, The Rejects of Society. I won’t write anymore on them. As I said, we are being kept away from you for a reason.

After all this I’ve realised that we’re being kept away from the main mandem in Southampton because here, we can be whatever we want to be. We are all rare species that need our own territory where we can just be free. Shout out to the main campus though, they have Tim Berners-Lee. He invented the internet. Respect. Over and Out.


Illustrated by Diogo Lopes


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