Making the Library Fun


It’s the final stretch. The last few weeks of exam before a summer of relative freedom or, in some cases, never having to bother with academia ever again. It’s pretty inevitable that you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the library for the foreseeable future, so here are some tips to make the experience more bearable.

  1. Reward yourself with a shot for every hour you spend in there, and watch the time fly by. Also, loudly play Kool and the Gang’s ‘Celebration’ each time this happens to everyone else can share in your achievement.
  2. Construct a book fort to work in. Law books work best for structure. Bonus points for using the oldest and most valuable books you can find.
  3. Enjoy a five-course dinner, complete with waiter, next to the ‘No Hot Food’ sign on Level 5. Formal attire optional.
  4. Sit and read in the busiest area you can find, then loudly exclaim “I don’t even know how to read!” and burst into tears.
  5. Find a book you know someone else is looking for. Take it out yourself and leave a note in its place, leading them on an elaborate treasure hunt with increasingly difficult challenges and riddles.
  6. Pretend that the floor is lava and instead leap majestically from bookcase to bookcase.
  7. Don’t go to the library.

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    Miss Teen South Carolina

    In #4 you’ve written “than” not “then”. Let me know when you’ve fixed that and I’ll try reading this article again.

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    What was the selection process for this to be included on onestowatch? You didn’t by any any chance use your position as Wessex Scene editor to forward your own glib article over some of the very good articles written by others did you? That would be a slight abuse of power, no?

    Sam Everard

    I don’t know what the process is, and funnily enough Anon, I’m not arrogant enough to submit my own work. Next time you accuse me of something with absolutely no evidence, at least have the courtesy to do so without hiding behind anonymity.

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