University Life in Haikus


A new start, new me, work hard!
…where is the party?


Winchester By jake sharpe

Why bother with work?
It’s not like we have deadlines.
Wait. We have deadlines!?

What’s your name, neighbour?
Tomorrow, we will be friends…
soon as I unpack.

Tall piles of old clothes.
The never ending cycle,
washing and drying.

Going out again.
Being young won’t last that long,
nor will the finance.

It is at two pints
that he feels himself transformed,
from shy, to THAT guy.

Really… No more milk?
How can this be possible?
I hate black coffee.

Like a hot desert
after long harsh rainless months…
Bank account is dry.

Ugh, what should I eat?
There is nothing in the fridge,
let’s get domino’s.

Student loan’s gone through…
YES! Now I can buy those shoes!
Shall I take them back?

Five thousand words, right?
We have a month to do it?
Bleurgh… time for a nap.

Oh hey, how are you?
She has boyfriend, go away.
Should have stayed quiet…

Rent hasn’t been paid.
The internet’s not working.
Mum, I need money.


Words by Hamish Dinsdale & Diogo Lopes
Image by Jake Sharpe



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