10 Things Scarier to Southampton Students than Halloween


Screw the zombie apocalypse or sparkly vampires, here is Pause’s list of things that will chill the very alcohol in the blood of any Southampton student’s veins.

1. Jesters installing UV lights to show the hidden magic in the Palace of Dreams.

2. The classic Baywatch theme regularly being played in lectures, retirement homes or at family reunions.

Image by Sasha Spaid
Image by Sasha Spaid

3. The medic you’ve seen throwing up outside Sobar is potentially going to work in a hospital one day.

4. Roosters could set on fire again, as could Sprinkles.


6. These are ‘the best days of your life’… and they are nearly over.

Image by Rebecca Hopkinson
Image by Rebecca Hopkinson

7. There are students here too young to drink, yet are still doing the same degree as you…and doing well.

8. Lectures could start even earlier than 9 am.

9. Your parents could decide to study here: why not get a twin room?

10. You need to get a job…applications are already open…some are even closed.

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