10 Christmassy Things You’re Already Fed Up With


December has only just started and already we’ve been bombarded with Christmas. Here’s Pause’s list of things we already hate about the season to be jolly.

  1. Everything you actually needed in a shop has been moved and replaced with Baubles and Christmas socks.


  2. All you want for Christmas is for Mariah Carey to stop being played in every blooming shop.
  3. You have no idea what to buy anyone AND you’ve got no money.
  4. Everywhere is having a sale, even DFS, yet everything seems more expensive than usual.
  5. The John Lewis advert started out adorable, but now it makes you want to go hunting.
  6. Everything is Christmas Flavoured or has a penguin on it. PENGUINS AREN’T EVEN FROM THE NORTH POLE!
    Image by Jordan Stewart
    Image by Jordan Stewart
  7.  It’s flipping freezing and you can’t use your touchscreen with your gloves.
  8.  All your deadlines are coming up, but everyone wants to go Ice Skating.
  9.  The ‘true meaning of Christmas’ debate has begun. Everyone knows it’s Santa’s Birthday.
  10.  Everyone is moaning about how early Christmas has come this year… again.

BONUS: You secretly can’t wait.

Image by Adam Carey
Image by Adam Carey

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