Why Southampton Is Like Hogwarts: Part 1


It’s visit day time and one description of university life I’ve heard is that of ‘magical’. So, by logical succession, what does Southampton have in common with Hogwarts?

  1. Way back when we received a letter telling us how gifted we were and asking us to study here. This must surely ring some bells?
  2. Our library must at least be as big as the famed castle and has just as dedicated a following: Hogwarts has Hermione, we have an elite so determined they bed down for the night between the shelves. We also have a restricted section with its own custodians on Level 4.
  3. Magic is in existence in our good city – how else can you explain the rapid disappearance of our student loans each term.
    Images by Rebecca Hopkinson.
    Images by Rebecca Hopkinson.
  4. And on this theme, what about the amazing potions we consume? After all the Jesticle has the power to turn us into someone else entirely.
  5. At Hogwarts, you will always find an ever knowing pair of feline eyes following your every move, either ready to report to the caretaker or transform into an angry deputy-headmistress to tell you off herself. Our very own SUSU the cat may not possess such obvious magic, but she definitely keeps tabs on us all. That’s right folks: the sleeping is a deception.
  6. Southampton has its own Quidditch club, currently ranked fourth in the UK. Enough said.
  7. We also possess our own Forbidden Forest, which no student is to enter after dark, although we call it Lover’s Walk.
  8. Hogwarts includes spectacles such as tall towers and moving staircases. We too have a tower and a never ending staircase. Yes, put your hands together for the Maths tower.
    Images by Rebecca Hopkinson.
    Images by Rebecca Hopkinson.
  9. Why choose Honeydukes when we have Sprinkles! Also, Winchester is a lot like Hogsmeade, don’t you think?
  10. We do teach magic, although some might use alternative names for such studies. Although more on these another time…

Got any more? Let us know about your magical moments at Uni.


History student and passionate writer about everything connected to Southampton and its rich tapestry of stories and history. Due to an unfortunate case of graduation, this writer is no longer active.

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