Erasmus Park Joy


 A piece of poetry reflecting life in Erasmus Park Halls of Residence.

Image Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow
Image Courtesy of Charlotte Scarrow

OH! The Joys of Erasmus Park,
becoming independent,
living the student life,
in a three-storey house full of wannabe artists and fashion designers,
ten to be precise!

All those steep stairs to climb,
after a demanding day,
to be welcomed into your private room,
that’s not so ‘private’ as most would prefer,
as the walls are paper-thin,
oh joy!
Everything can be heard!

OH! The joys of Erasmus Park,
coming to the kitchen to cook,
and socialise with quirky housemates,
only to come across an utter pile of dirty dishes,
accompanied by tons of flies and mould.
But we can handle that,
with regular parties in the kitchen,
who cares that it’s a mess!
‘cause the cleaners will ‘sort’ it out,
oh yes….,
but the dishes are reserved for us,
which is fair enough.


OH! The joys of Erasmus Park,

living within earshot of a 24/7 supermarket,
when you’re craving a microwave curry,
in the early hours of night,
but hey,
Dominoes on speed dial is pretty good right?!



Currently the Winchester Editor of Wessex Scene, Kalisto is a fine arts student, keen writer and emerging artist with a mighty love of coffee...

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