A Trip To Bath…


Kat Li talks about her small day trip to the historical city of Bath

Follow your heart and catch memories of Bath…

As you freshers begin your university adventure, have you also got plans for vast amounts of travelling? Sometimes you just need to leave your homework and assignments in your room and buy a train ticket to some new city. I took the opportunity to visit the Jane Austen Museum in Bath. I did not use travel tips advised by websites which have almost identical recommended routes. I followed the exclusive guide from my heart and captured unique memories of Bath.

A No-Tips trip is a revolution for foreign students, especially when I am terrible with directions. But you cannot imagine how much surprise you will get when you go to a place knowing nothing of. A little vintage shop or a nice afternoon tea sitting by the window can make you feel different. That was the fun from my adventurous trip to Bath.


Image Courtesy of Musfirah Wajihah
Image Courtesy of Musfirah Wajihah

Royal Victoria Park

I thought there was no difference between Royal Victoria Park and other normal parks. But when I arrived, I could not wait to run on its expansive lawn. I was really excited and felt so relaxed. I watched the children zoom along the zip wire, conquer the pyramid climbing frame, and I just wanted to join in the fun. I couldn’t tare myself away from watching their laughing faces. The park is named after Queen Victoria, who officially opened it in 1830. But now it’s the best leisure park for the residents and tourists of Bath. You can understand the expression ‘the best things in life are free’ when you are here. Royal Victoria Park is almost in the centre of Bath, and most locations are in easy walking distance from this beautiful place. Doing some shopping and having a nice afternoon tea would in addition be a good option for your next stop.

Bath Market

I think Bath Market was a big discovery for me during my exploration of this historical city. As I walked along Green Park Road, I was attracted to the buildings with their stunning curved glass roofs, not too far from Royal Victoria Park. I found the delicate desserts, vintage tea pots, detailed fancy dresses and beautiful small accessories very much to my liking. The local residents recommended me that Bath Market was a fabulous place to explore and find surprises. I bought some postcards and sent them to my Chinese friends. The market also offered adorable hand-made toys.

Fashion Museum

If you are big fashion fan just like me, The Fashion Museum must be on your schedule when you are travelling around Bath. You learn to understand why vintage style is always trendy in Britain. I saw the world-class collection of historical British dresses and found the inspirations for high-end brand designers from these old hand-made garments. There is a special ‘Corsets and Crinolines’ display were visitors can try on said garments. I in turn tried a beautiful dress and took a photo of myself. The best service is the “T” Switch attachment from the audio guide. You can choose any language! I found the Chinese introduction was really helpful for me to understand the history and technique behind the dresses.

With only one day to explore, I could not walk around the whole city. I want to have the opportunity for more adventure next time. If you really have no idea about how to plan your trip to Bath, you can go to ‘Visit Bath’ which is directly next to Bath Abbey. The lovely ladies who work there can give you good suggestions about how to enjoy your day in Bath. You can also pick up some great hand-drawn maps of this historical city. But don’t be lead away by those silly travel tips on websites, just follow your heart to capture your own memories of Bath. I bet you will love it…


Writer: Kat Li


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