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From onesie-only parties and beers the size of your head to incredible views and some serious slope action, here are ten reasons why you should get yourself on the next student ski trip!

The party starts on the bus

Picture a coach full of onesie-clad, sleep-deprived students singing along to various ABBA and S-Club hits while stuffing their faces with endless amounts of Haribo and mini cheddars and you’ve got the first party of the trip!

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Meeting new people

If you opt for lessons you will be thrown into a group of like-minded students and you might even be staying in accommodation with new people too. A ski trip is the perfect chance to meet a whole host of fun new people, and watching them face plant into a huge pile of snow is the perfect ice breaker!

The parties

What could be better after an exhilarating run than downing a pint of beer? Join hundreds of others for music and booze at the bottom of the slopes. A quick change of outfit (cavegirl or penguin suit, it’s your choice) and you’re ready for the evenings shenanigans!

The food

French food is great at the best of times, but in vast quantities with a view like no other, it’s like heaven! Try a huge plate of gnocci or a steaming bowl of chilli to fill you up. And because you’re constantly exercising (even walking to the lift in skis is effort) you simply can’t feel guilty about inhaling such a gargantuan amount.

Incredible vistas

The ski lift gives you a chance to get above it all and have a look at the magnificent views which really will take your breath away. Snow-capped peaks, icy rivers, blue skies and mountain towns make for picture-perfect panoramas.


More than just the ultimate hangover cure, getting out on the slopes is so much fun. The buzz you get from skiing is like nothing else!


It may not seem it on a meagre student budget, but you’ll never get a ski trip this cheap again. A summer job or an early Christmas present is all it could take to earn enough to make the trip feasible, and making packed lunches, buying drinks from supermarkets and booking your kit in advance can cut down your prices even more!


Because you are skiing the whole time, you will really see a change by the end of the trip. Even if you are a seasoned skier, you’ll feel an improvement, and it will leave you with a great sense of achievement.


From sledging and tubing to exploring the town and going to a spa, there’s so much more to do than skiing. What could be better than sitting in a jacuzzi, enjoying the view and relaxing after a few days of hard skiing? So if you fancy a day off the slopes, research other activities at your chosen destination.


As cheesy as it sounds, you are never going to forget this kind of trip. Not just because of those Go-Pro slope selfies, but also those moments that didn’t get captured on camera; the time you saw someone throw up into their own cowboy hat or when you did that accidental (and incredibly awesome) ski jump, but no one saw. These moments, whether you’re proud of them or not, will leave you with stories to tell for the rest of your life!

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