To Drink Or Not To Drink? Have A Fantastic Freshers Either Way!


Freshers is a fantastic time to meet new people, share great experiences and form some amazing memories – and all of this can be done without alcohol!

So you’ve opened your results, received an offer and enrolled as a student at the University of Southampton. Congratulations, you’ve done it! Before you know it, you’ll be unpacking your bags, waving goodbye to loved ones and getting to know other students also ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives. University is a fantastic time to meet new people, experience new things and form incredible memories that will last for a lifetime. And although there’ll be plenty of opportunities during the first few weeks for wild pub crawls and crazy nights out, you can have just as good a time without having to consume vast quantities of alcohol.

This time last year, The Telegraph reported that first year university students were forecast to spend on average around £215.83 in pubs and clubs during freshers’ week alone. Whilst you can expect to receive lots of coupons offering cheap drinks deals and offering free entry to venues on selected nights, you can have a great time simply just by chilling out, having a Netflix marathon and tucking into a pizza with friends. Also The Stags and The Bridge offer great food and provide a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, so there is something for everyone. The Students’ Union also has its own cinema ran by student volunteers, which puts on a range of showings throughout the year at a great price.

During Freshers’ Week, SUSU also holds its annual bunfight, where you can sign up to join the hundreds of clubs and societies on offer to students. This exciting event is proof that there’s much more to university life than drinking, and joining a society is a great opportunity to make some great friends who share your interests.

The key message to take away is that if drinking isn’t your cup of tea, you don’t have to do it! Students who don’t drink may well by in the minority at most universities today, but whether it’s for health, religious or personal reasons, the choice to remain sober is entirely down to each individual. And chances are there’ll be many more people at uni who prefer not to drink than you might expect.

So welcome to Southampton, your home during your degree! Have an amazing time in the coming weeks and months and remember, the choice of whether to drink or not is entirely down to you.


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