Wednesday 24th October saw another in a long line of misdemeanours by the Southampton University Football Club. In unusually “high spirits” they gatecrashed the Ballroom Dancing Society class from the Wessex Bar.
Obviously having had a good time at the class the previous week, the Football club tried the same tactics the following week. On Wednesday 31st October they again gained entry to the Ballroom from the Wessex Bar on several occasions, with porters and security men being called to eject them.
Behaving in a manner which can only be described as rude and objectionable, the members of the Football Club made gestures through the glass doors, eventually dropping their trousers and mooning at the worried waltzers.
Problems also occurred in the Wessex Bar when the Footballers tipped beer over the seats in the newly decorated bar. It was noted that the seats were not dry 12 hours after the incident.
Complaints have been received by the President from both the Ballroom Dancing Society and the Bar Manager who are demanding apologies. The matter is currently being brought to the attention of the Football Club. Union President Dave Taylor-Smith is reserving judgement until the Football Club has had a chance to comment.


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