Exploring Sunny Southampton


As a fresher, you will undoubtedly be excited to explore your new home. In busy cities like Southampton it is difficult to know where to start first, so here is a list of different types of activities you can enjoy in your time here.


Head to West Quay and Above Bar High Street in the town centre for just about every shop you could ever need; it is very tourist-friendly with signs everywhere and it is extremely simple to navigate. A few crowd-pleasers include a massive John Lewis, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara and Victoria’s Secret amongst others.

The hub of student living in Southampton is Portswood. Pay a visit to the High Street (You’ll end up there at some point anyway) for charity shops and grocery shopping as well as a few high street shops such as Boots and New Look.


Southampton is blessed with lots of green spaces and as a result there is plenty of nature for you to explore! Start with Southampton Common; the central stretch of grass equipped with a duck pond and play park that hosts the bi-annual fair as well as festivals such as the Mela Festival and Common People. It is bike, dog, exercise and sport-friendly!

Mayflower Park overlooks the dockyard and is beautiful to visit to see the sun setting, or just enjoy an ice cream sat on a bench overlooking the water.

Riverside Park is a hidden gem but a must visit! There is a path following the river all the way round that ends up at the White Swan pub which sets the scene for a perfect afternoon. Turn right just before Montefiore Halls of Residence and you will be able to follow the path of the river round.


You can try your hand at bowling. It is not close to any student areas so you will have to either get a taxi or go into the town centre and then get a bus, but it is worth the journey. The same goes for the recently opened Oxygen Freejumping in Bitterne which is a huge trampoline park where you can perform air acrobatics to your heart’s content!


As a highly cosmopolitan city, Southampton offers an impressive range of cuisines all over the city ranging from Mauritian to Mexican and everything in between; you can find a restaurant or takeaway to suit every occasion and budget. There are lots of Chinese/Japanese places on Burgess Road, and you can find your standard Italian/American/Mexican food in the food court at the top of West Quay. Alternatively, you can go to the pricier restaurants in Ocean Village or try the huge range of food on offer on Portswood High Street. For dessert- look no further than Tooti’s, Sprinkles Gelato and Scoops dotted around the city.

Hopefully this list has proved that there is no limit to the adventures to be had in Southampton! Make the most of your time here by soaking it all up…


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