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Ever been interested in ghost legends and folk tales? Well here’s something to feed your curiosity of the paranormal and with Halloween coming up soon it seemed more than appropriate to divulge into some of the most haunted tales in Britain. Perhaps you even live nearby one, if you fancy yourself a little ghost hunting trip?

The Ancient Ram Inn – Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire:

The Ancient Ram Inn currently holds the  title of ‘most haunted house’ in Britain. The inn was built in 1145, and was used as a keeping-house for the slaves that built the St. Mary Church until 1930 where it switched hands to a private owner.

One of the rooms in the house is known as the ‘Witch’s room’, as it is believed to have been the last place that an accused witch stayed at before she was horrifically burned at the stake. Even today, many individuals still claim that the witch haunts that room. Yet the most haunted room in the inn is known as ‘The Bishop’s Inn’. Many guests have refused to sleep in this room and the guests that did have been seen fleeing from the room during the night, due to a monk who is said to haunt the room. Some folk tales about the inn even go as far as saying that the redirecting of the water on the property has created a portal for dark energy to enter our world.

Credits: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia

The current owner, John Humphries has often spoken about paranormal experiences that have occurred during his time on the property. For example, on his first night he was grabbed by his arm and dragged out of bed and across the room. Yet Humphries lives alone. After searching the property he found evidence of devil worship and sacrifice, including the remains of children under the staircase.



Pluckley Village – Kent:

Pluckley is known as one of the most haunted villages in England. According to the records, there are between 12-16 ghosts in the surrounding area. ‘The screaming man’ is the most recognised ghost, it is believed that the spirit is of a man who whilst working in the village Brickworks fell to his death. Other village tales recall a highwayman who was apparently run through with a sword and pinned to a tree, in a place now known as Fright Corner. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the many brutal stories that surround this eerily village.

Prestbury Village – Gloucestershire: 

This village ties with Pluckley with the status of most haunted village in England. Prestbury’s best known spectre is the hooded monk known as ‘The Black Abbot’. He is rumored to appear on the occasions of Christmas, Easter, and All Souls Day. When he does appear he always walks the same route and always finishes in the attic of a little cottage on High Street, where he noisily moves things about.

Borley Rectory – Essex:

Finally the tale of Borley Rectory to leave you with. The property was previously known as the most haunted house in Britain. This is because it is built on the site of an ancient monastery and therefore holds a big reputation for being home to a wide variety of spirits.  The old legends claim that a nun from the nearby nunnery at Bures use to haunt the ground before the house was built, according to the tale she fell in love with a monk from Borley. But when the two of them tried to elope they were tracked down and executed. Rumours have circulated of the nun looking at startled guests through the windows of the newly built rectory,

In 1927 the Reverend Eric Smith and his wife arrived at the rectory. They had been warned of the ghostly presences beforehand; legend has it a horse and carriage would drive whilst being controlled by an invisible force. The family invited Harry Price, a well-known psychic researcher to the property, his presence caused objects to be smashed and hurled towards him by an unseen spirit.

Following this the rectory then became the home of the Reverend Foster and his wife. One of the resident spirits took a liking to Marianne, the young wife. Messages directed to her began to appear throughout the house, some of them asking for her help. Foster had the rectory exorcised, which initially seemed to work. Soon though, music began to be heard throughout the house, and eventually their own child was ‘attacked’. They left, and the house has been empty of a reverend ever since.

Harry Price later returned to the house, and found some extraordinary psychic presences. A seance held in 1938 led to a spirit from beyond the grave claiming that the rectory would catch fire, burn down, and a nun’s body would be found. Eleven months later, a lamp fell over, and the rectory burnt to the ground. Witnesses claimed to have seen a nun’s face looking out from the top window. In 1943 Harry Price returned and found the jaw bone of a young woman in the cellars. He attempted to end the haunting of Borley by giving the remains a Christian burial, but people still report spiritual activity.

Credits: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia


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