The Best… Lunch Locations on Highfield and Avenue Campus


Disclaimer: this will be mostly about the best places to have lunch, as I quickly realised after I started writing this and talking to people that a lot of people’s favourite lunch options have meat in, and I don’t eat meat. These are my personal favourite places to go for lunch at university, so if you’re looking for a new place to try hopefully this will help!

The lunch locations will be judged out of five on the following factors, to get a total score of 25:

  • How central they are (working from the Redbrick out)
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Convenience – can you pop in between lectures?

Bar Three Diner
Centralness: 5/5 – It’s in the middle of the union building, on the second level next to the cinema – so right on the redbrick.

Price: 4/5 – It’s a pretty good price, around £5-6 for a burger with too many fries.

Quality: 5/5 – Everything I’ve ever had there has been amazing, and going from what other people have said they don’t seem to have any bad options. The Edge’s editor Anneka loves the ‘Edward Chickenhands’ and the ‘Poultrygeist’, and I love ‘Meatless in Seattle’. They’ve also got a food challenge that everyone gets very excited over.

Availability: 3/5 – Granted, it’s lunch and dinner food but it isn’t the best opening times (11.30-17.00).

Convenience: 2/5 – The diner is definitely a ‘sit down’ place to eat, the service isn’t super slow but it’s not a meal that you grab in between lectures or to take with you.

Overall score: 19/25

The Café
Central: 5/5 – The Café is right next to Bar Three Diner, inside the union building.

Price: 5/5 – SO. CHEAP. Their all day breakfast will cost you no more than £4 (and it’ll be even less for most people because that’s the cost of a 10 item breakfast). That’s pretty much what they’re known for, but they also do sandwiches and some amazing curly fries.

Quality: 2/5 – Some things are great, others are okay, some will only be eaten when you’re hungover and have a 9am.

Availability: 4/5 – Among the best opening times (8am-6pm during the week), and they’re open on Saturdays which is a bonus.

Convenience: 2/5 – You can take it away but you don’t really want to take a fry up into a lecture and the queues can (understandably) get a little too long for them to be convenient enough to drop in between lectures.

Overall score: 19/25

Central: 5/5 – Again, redbrick so super-duper central.
Price: 5/5 – £2 toasties and £5 pizzas?! This is by far the best value for money.
Quality: 4/5 – It’s mainly eaten by drunk students, so it isn’t the best pizza you’ll ever have in your life, but it’s still pretty good.
Availability: 5/5 (roughly 11.30am-12am) – Also some of the best opening times on campus!
Convenience: 3/5 – Food takes about 15-20 minutes, more if they’re very busy, but you wouldn’t really pop into Stags for a grab and go lunch, it’s more for when you’re sat with friends and hanging out in there.

Overall score: 22/25

Avenue Café
Central: 1/5 – Very very far from the Redbrick. Well, a 10 minute walk and convenient if you do humanities but, far.
Price: 4/5 – Pretty cheap. Their sandwiches are a bit pricey, but their chips and paninis are fab.
Quality: 4/5 – It’s pretty standard café food – I can confirm that their tea is fantastic though.
Availability: 3/5 (8.30-16.00) – Open early, close early. Not the most convenient opening times, especially as it’s the only place on Avenue to eat.
Convenience: 3/5 – Easy to grab a sandwich or drink and go, but for some things, not so much.

Overall score: 15/25

The Bridge
Central: 5/5 – It really is handy that most places to eat seem to be on the Redbrick isn’t it?
Price: 3/5 – Depending on what you want it can be pretty pricey. Chips are £1.60 which you can’t complain about, but some meals can reach a tenner.
Quality: 5/5 – I’ve never had a bad meal there and it’s always full, so make of that what you will.
Availability: 3/5 – (9am-12am Saturday 11.30am-11pm) – Perfect for lunch, but in the evenings they have a specific evening menu which means no chip butties. This is a tragedy.
Convenience: 2/5 – Like the diner, you’re not going anywhere fast once you’ve ordered. It’s lovely to sit in for an hour while you eat but it’s not somewhere you’d pop in to grab lunch and go.

Overall score: 18/25

The unlikely winner of this was: The Stag’s! With super cheap toasties and pizzas, combined with long opening hours and pretty tasty food, it’s stormed ahead as the best lunch location on campus. Maybe somewhere to try out if you haven’t already?

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