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When you peruse the many reasons for going on holiday (not that it takes much convincing), what do you usually come up with? Yearning to get away from a temperamental British summer in favour of basking in the sun on a balmy Barbados beach? Or maybe you’re just desperate for a stellar night out in Space Ibiza rather than fifty sad shades of Oceana in the south of England? Let me open your mind to another criterion that may appeal to you, the art culture of the world. Many cities have rich and vibrant creative hubs; whether it be through elegant museums and architecture or modern street art. Here is a list of where to get started on your arty adventure this summer.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of those cities whose art is deeply intertwined in its political history. The colourful portraits spanning the Walls are a revolutionary ode to the celebration of liberty after the fall of the barriers that separated East and West Germany in 1989.

Brussels, Belgium

If cartoons are your thing, make a trip to Brussels. Belgium is the birthplace of many Franco-Belgian comic books such as Tin-Tin, Asterix and The Smurfs. You will find quaint depictions of popular cartoon characters hidden away in many corners of Brussels’ streets.

Florence, Italy

Where aesthetic architecture is concerned, Florence is a strong contender. Dreamy, pastel-pigmented streets and breathtaking Renaissance architecture famously exemplified within the Uffizi Gallery amongst other museums. On top of that there’s the incredible interior design of the cathedrals and palaces in and around the city.

Los Angeles, California

This city is often considered the epitome of edgy, and who doesn’t love the trendy L.A. art vibes plastered all over Tumblr? It encompasses contemporary art exhibitions, galleries galore and avant-garde street art, that exudes the Cali-cool on every palm-tree framing mural and convention-defying graffiti display.


Shiraz, Iran

The Middle East is host to a stunning history of Persian art and design. It is manifested today in luxury tiling and upholstery imported globally. Why not head back to its roots to view in person the beauty of the characteristic colourful mosaic, effortlessly incorporated into many mosques and public buildings within the city.

Vienna, Austria

Another up and coming city for young people, Vienna’s art scene is one that is not to be missed. Think London meets Berlin, Vienna houses some powerful street art, found in its many museums as well as on sides of buildings and structures.

Bogotá, Colombia

Fewer fancy art galleries and more raw, home-grown local talent, some of which has been recognised globally, and there are plenty more rising creatives hailing from Bogotá. This city has earned a reputation for being a Latin American art centre.

Melbourne, Australia

When you’re tired of lounging on beaches that all look more or less the same in ‘Stralia, head over to Melbourne for an unlikely art trip. Melbourne street art is celebrated and encouraged; it is vibrant and lively and there are plenty of street art walking tours for you to really get a feel of its creative scene.


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