How to Fly Like A Boss


Flights can often be really daunting. Some people have a phobia of heights, some people hate the endlessness of it all and others just can’t deal with the airplane food. But if you want to travel, then flying is just an unavoidable factor; but the good news is it’s 100% worth the effort. Here’s some important tips to remember that can make your flight all the more easier and perhaps even cheaper – because who doesn’t love a bargain?

Airport Tips:

1)For some unknown but great reason Manchester and Bristol airport tend to offer the cheapest flights abroad outside of the London options. So if you aren’t close by to the big capital city or just don’t want the drama of trying to drive or commute into the capital’s madness, then these cities are more often than not your best bet. It’s definitely worth a price and effort comparison check before booking anything at Heathrow or Luton.

2)Turn up at the airport three hours before if  it is international, and two hours if your destination is in Europe. Now I know three hours seems excessive but just trust me; don’t be that person who turns up late and expects everything to be fine. All sorts of unexpected things can happen at an airport, and the queues are always so unpredictable. So when you’ve paid a large amount to get on that specific flight and all your plans for that week count on you making it there that day then just don’t risk it. Turn up three hours early, get yourself through all the security checks, then have a nice, relaxed cuppa in one of the endless dining options in airports; you are truly spoilt for choice.

Health Tips:

3)Buy water for your flight and do it after you get through the hand luggage checks. It’s essential to have water on any flight and so worth paying the extortionate airport prices for this life necessity. The air on-board a plane is so filtered and artificial that it completely dries your mouth out within half an hour, so if you are on a long haul flight there’s really nothing more important than keeping some water to hand.

4)On that note, bring a packet of mints or sweets that you can suck on during the flight to pop your ears, and stop them from feeling funny when you are up in the sky. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is when this happens.

6)If it’s a long haul flight you should definitely get up and walk around whenever possible, this is recommended for medical purposes to prevent DVT – which means blood clotting. Another way to help prevented this is by buying a pair of flight socks, which are very cheap on Amazon. No matter what kind of flight you are on you should be moving your legs and toes frequently to keep the blood flowing and stop your body getting restless.

7) One of the best tips I’ve ever been given is to eat and sleep in time with your new time zone as to avoid jet lag. Instead of all those ineffective jet lag preventing ‘folk tales’ and ‘remedies’ this is actually a really effective way of solving the problem. By adjusting your body clock with food and sleep a day before and during your flight you’ll find the transition so much smoother. Once that hard part is done then really the only thing left to adjust to the new time zone is your mindset when you get there.

Price Tips:

8)Skyscanner and other flight comparison websites should always be your first point of call. They will show you exactly who offers the best deal without you having to do all the research yourself. If you want to really get to know how to get the cheapest possible price then sign up to have the price notifications for that certain flight emailed to you regularly; this way you can monitor the patterns of price changes and time it perfectly to get the best deal.

9)If you don’t mind stopping to change once or twice during your trip then that can dramatically lower the price compared to a direct flight which although is more tiring it could be quite worth the extra hours of travelling to save your pennies for better things. Although, the risk of you losing your baggage when you have flight changes increases dramatically, so proceed at your own peril!

Entertainment Tips:

10)Make the most of your on-flight TV if you are lucky to get one and especially all the latest films you have been dying to watch. Being entertained makes your flights so much more bearable, and you’re less focused on counting the minutes which we all know makes them go even slower. Bring your headphones, a book, crosswords and whatever else will keep you content for those many hours you have to kill. The last thing you want is to sit there twiddling your thumbs.


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