Year Abroad Country Profile: Australia


University of Western Australia: Perth, WA

Why should people choose the destination?

Perth is one of the most ‘livable’ cities in the world, with an ideal climate to boot! The university itself is picturesque, and the best in Western Australia. There’s an excellent (and cheap) public transport system, and being a city of nearly two million people, there is plenty to do.

Travel / cultural highlights?

Rottnest Island, a 30 minute ferry ride out of the suburb of Fremantle, has some of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever been on. In the city you can go to Perth Arena to watch a concert or Wildcats basketball game, or head into East Perth and take in a Test Match at the WACA with a few beers. Further afield, you can head North to the Pinnacles and snorkel at Coral bay, or head down south through the Karri forests to Albany.

How was the process of adjusting after being in the UK?

After you’ve got over the jet lag there’s not a huge amount of adjusting you need to do. The city is probably more like a US city, but the fact Australia is a former British colony means that there’s not exactly much of a culture shock. Just remember to bring sun cream!

How expensive is it to live there?

Thanks to the plunge in the pound (Cheers Boris) an already high cost of living is just getting worse. In the cheapest Halls I pay $405 a week (which includes 14 meals), a pint is cheap when it’s under $10 and a men’s haircut is rarely under $25. However, if you get a job then wages are very generous.

Best piece of advice?

It’s clichéd, but just take every opportunity you’re offered because you’re only going to get to do this once. That, and take the time early in the semester/year to try and get a job, as it just gets harder the later you leave it.


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