The Best… Part Time Jobs for Students


Having a part time job whilst at university can help you build your CV, earn some extra cash and socialise outside of your academics.  I’ve gathered evidence from the student body about the types of jobs most suited to the university lifestyle, and why. So, here are five of the best/most common student jobs and what to consider with each one…

Student Ambassador (University)

Satisfaction Rating: 7.6/10

Being a student ambassador for the university is great for flexibility and pay; you can work as and when you’re free with no commitment to working a certain number of shifts.

Things to consider: 

  • The downside to this is that you are unlikely to have a regular income. Getting paid is a complete faff, since you have to submit a form every time you work, and obviously the hours are based on when the uni needs you.
  • The application procedure is very long: think application form AND two interviews.


Satisfaction Rating: 7.6/10

Tutoring younger students is a great way to earn money. Typically, the pay is very good (think £10+ an hour)  and the work isn’t all that difficult.  You also get a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re helping struggling children.

Things to consider:

  • Remember to take into consideration the timing: how long will it take you to travel there and back, and to prepare for each lesson?
  • Search for tutoring sites online to find clients.

Bar Staff

Satisfaction Rating: 7.2/10

Working in a bar is an excellent job for students:  it fits around studies well (no missing lectures due to midweek shifts), often pays well -plus good tips – and it also means that you get to enjoy the atmosphere of a night out whilst getting paid.

Things to consider: 

  • If you choose a bar which is part of a larger organisation (think Revolutions; Wetherspoons etc.) shifts tend to be more formal with greater expectations on time.  This can be great if you want to be able to progress, but isn’t as good if you’re just looking for a casual part time job.
  • Remember to consider how you’ll get home when you finish (remember, buses might not be running). Safety first!


Satisfaction Rating: 6.7/10

Working in retail can be great as a student. Shifts tend to be regular, meaning you can plan your time around when you’re working.

Things to consider:

  • Though regular shifts can be useful, this can make it tricky working around exams or other commitments. You may need to arrange to swap shifts or take holiday.
  • It is also very important to remember that Christmas tends to be one of the busiest times for retail, and your employer may not be happy to let you off working around this time so that you can go home.

Club Promoter 5.6/10

If you love partying, this can be an excellent way of bringing in some extra cash and getting cheap nights out.  Promoting is also a great way to gather a big circle of friends if you’re a social butterfly.

Things to consider:

  • Promotional work tends to be paid on commission so is not a reliable source of income.  It also relies on you having a big network of people who like to go out regularly.
  • Being a promoter might make you money but you need to be careful how far you take it. Many people get fed up with constantly seeing posts and being invited to events.

Top tips from current students:

“Don’t let employers pressure you into doing more hours than you are capable of when trying to balance the demands of your University studies.  No job is worth sacrificing your degree for.”

“Having a part time job helps balance the work load and time management.”

“Do something fun where you can be sociable, it’s not just about the money”


Whatever you choose to do just remember to put your degree and time at university first.  You’re only here once (probably).

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