Is Your Backpack Sexually Safe?


Travelling is something that we all love. Everyone wants to experience that feeling of freedom that travel provides, away from all the negative aspects of everyday life. Unbound from the realities of adulthood, responsibilities and inhibitions we let ourselves go. Often a little more than we usually would when in a different country, we are more earnest to try new things and meet new people.

While travelling, the most important thing to take care is your own health. When we travel to a new place it increases the risk of getting ill. There is a long list of things we pack when we are travelling, however, how often do you think about what to pack to avoid catching illnesses? Do you pack paracetamol and rehydration sachets? But what about the most important things, do you remember all the things you were taught in sex-ed? We often forget about STIs and contraception, thinking it’s not needed.  Although isn’t it best to have these items just in case? Perhaps we all need to be making sure that our backpack is sexually safe. It doesn’t matter if you are sexually active or not but it is best to take care of all the precautions before going and avoid any awkward miming situations in pharmacies where you don’t know the language.

The most important thing is to carry is condoms with you. You never know when you may need one. Although you can get condoms everywhere, you should carry a stash which makes you feel comfortable. Expiry dates on condoms are also important, so by taking your own, you can be sure they haven’t been tampered with and are ready and safe for use. Also, in some countries, you won’t be able to find condoms very easily. For example, if you go to any small town in India, or rural areas you might not find a pharmacy nearby and would have a long journey ahead of you to find one. You also need to be aware of local sex rules for each country, don’t be the idiot that ends up in the news for having sex in areas of local religious and/or spiritual importance.

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You would want to avoid all kinds of sexually transmitted infections, condoms are the only type of contraception that also protect from most STIs. You need to pack everything that will ensure that you have a safe and healthy sex. If you use some kind of medication then make sure you pack them in your bag because maybe you are not able to get them when you travel to another place. Also, keep in mind that they are up-to-date, not expired. For women, these days HPV vaccines are very necessary, it reduces the chance of cervical cancer in females. It’s always best to go check with your doctor before a trip about the risks of illnesses and sex abroad.

As well as practicing safe sex yourself, you need to make sure your partner is trustworthy. Whoever you have sex with, maybe a new person you met on your trip, make sure you trust them and feel comfortable around them. Always tell someone if you are going out, and take care of your drinks. Avoid having sex in public places as you might be more prone towards an infection.

It’s time for you to pack your bag… but this time make sure you have a sexually safe bag.


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