Holiday’s Coming Home – Staycation Style!


Brexit, Brexit, Brexit… it’s all so confusing. Whilst its effect on travel is still unclear, bring the “BritStaycation” on!

As someone who goes away every year, I used to take travelling to Europe for granted. However, the outlook looks bleak for a poor explorer like me. Although I tour other countries in Europe to escape the rubbish weather here, the UK is not all bad; we can often be hotter than Spain in the summer!

The British Isles offer a rich tapestry of history, arts, culture and beauty – something that many of us forget. England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales each have their own unique natural landscapes to take your breath away and only seeing them in person can do them justice. And yes, even the north has a lot to offer – it is like a whole other world (pun intended)!

The UK has so much to see, and whilst this list is not extensive, here are a few examples of places to ‘staycate’ or day visit:

Camden, London (England)- For a relatively small part of the city, Camden packs a mighty punch. From those who are looking for trendy and swank food to Instagram, to those who have an interest in fashion, this is the place to stay and indulge in. There is always something to do here: go along the locks in a boat, eat, see street performers, eat global street food, visit the Cereal Killer cafe, shop the flea markets or grab a cheeky ‘Spoons! It also boasts a handful of some of the best concert venues for those who love live music too.

Liverpool (England)- Even if you are not a fan, you should do The Beatles Tour. You cannot deny that The Beatles are one of the most influential bands of all time, so why not see the places which inspired some of their most beloved songs? You can have a professional tour or go freestyle and use Google Maps. If you choose the latter, this allows for a more personal touch to immerse yourself into, thus reliving a piece of British cultural history.

Swansea Bay (Wales)- As Nicki Minaj says ‘let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get away‘. This is a place to sit back and catch the rays or build sandcastles! It seems like a sandy beach is a rare find in the UK, but they do exist. Time to get your cameras out and capture this picturesque beachfront that features a natural tidal lagoon and try your hand at a range of outdoor recreational activities. Who would ever think that the small and mighty Wales could offer something so awesome?!

Glencoe (Scotland)- This is one for those with a taste for adrenaline and extreme sports. Glencoe is one of five ski resorts that offer outdoor skiing and snowboarding in the UK. You can ski down the slopes whilst overlooking the Highland and Aberdeenshire scenery as a beginner or as a seasoned skier! It might not be the Alps, but beautiful Glencoe can give them a run for their money. It’s also a cheaper way to experience this extreme sport within the UK, being only a 1 hour, 20 minute flight from London.

The UK has much to offer and should be explored. We may not get what we want in regards to Brexit, but one positive thing can come from it – a celebration of what this nation has to offer. A staycation for every occasion.


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