Why Jesters Really Is The Palace of Dreams


Your years in Southampton will be full of amazing memories: some sober memories and some not sober memories. As a student, a lot of your evenings will probably be spent in one of Southampton’s many pubs, clubs or bars – a student favourite being Jesters. Often known amongst students as our ‘Unofficial Students’ Union’, it truly is iconic; some would even go as far as to call it ‘The Palace of Dreams’.

 Dressing fancy is not encouraged, but fancy dress is

One of the main reasons why Jesters is the best club in Southampton is that there is absolutely no pressure to dress fancy. In fact, it is recommended that you invest in a pair of ‘Jesters shoes’: these are cheap, flat, closed-toe shoes that you can cope with saying goodbye to after 3-5 visits… Yes, this means that Jesters is a bit grim, but it’s a special kind of grim – a grimness that keeps drawing you back. To sum it up, Jesters is a club where ‘Shit Shirt Nights’ are encouraged and tight bodycon dresses and heels are most definitely not. This makes is the most perfect low effort, last minute night out.

Practically free entry for the whole year

Entry to Jesters is actually £4; however, if you complete the ‘Jesters Gold Card Challenge’, you gain free entry in to Jesters for a whole year. The Jesters gold card challenge requires you to spend 12 hours in The Palace of Dreams… if you stay for the full 12-hour-stint you’ll earn yourself a prestigious Jesters Gold Card and free entry for the whole year.


The Jesticle, with its top-secret recipe, is specific to Jesters. With its signature colours and various alcoholic ingredients, this pint cocktail will set you back £4. A Jesticle is like budget rocket-fuel, It’s cheap, has a taste you’ll get used to and rest assured it will get your night started very quickly. The best thing is that the minimum card charge in Jesters is £5, so you basically have to buy two!


They say that women never go to toilet alone, and with the ‘twobicles’ in Jesters, you literally never have to! These are are cubicles with two toilets in them, so although they’re not for the shy gals amongst us, they’re great for when you can’t do up that playsuit you’re wearing. It’s also a useful way to get to know your new flatmate really quickly.

The Post-Jesters Munch

For kebabs, cheesy chips or chicken nuggets, ‘Chick-o-Land’ is the place to go. However, if you fancy a more sophisticated end to your evening then take a stroll to Manzils for your £6.95 student curry deal and meet the legend that is Tariq Manzil.



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