Formula 1 fans could not be happier this Christmas with news that Michael Schumacher is set to return to Formula 1 this coming season. The German will be driving for Mercedes GP on a one year deal reported to be worth around £6.2 million. Schumacher, who turns 41 in the coming year will easily be the oldest driver on the grid and will drive with fellow German Nico Rosberg under Mercedes GP.

Michael Schumacher

Undoubtedly a F1 legend, Schumacher broke virtually every record going, winning more world titles than anyone else in history; the most race victories- 91, gaining the most pole positions- 68, the most number of wins in one season- 13 in 2004, the most number of consecutive podium appearances- 19 and 76 fastest laps. Schumacher has attempted a comeback earlier in the year when he looked to replace the injured Felipe Massa, but unfortunately had to pull out due to a neck injury. F1 fans will now be able to see Schumacher come up against F1 newcomers Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. The new season which kicks off in Bahrain on 14 March, looks set to be a big one, with Hamilton and newly crowned champion Jensen Button vying for pole position from the same constructor the season already looked exciting, but with Schumacher added to the equation the 2010 season is one not to be missed. Lewis Hamilton expressed his disappointment on missing a head-to-head with Schumacher by only one season in the past, and is now excited to challenge the legendary German.

Schumacher certainly has not returned for the money, the far from extravagant man simply missed the adrenaline rush. Those who worry that Schumacher may not be up to the challenge, simply need to know that Schumacher rode in identical karts to Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello, and managed to win the race, leaving the two to admire is attention to detail and legendary status. Whether Schumacher can live up to his reputation is soon to be found out, some argue that his reputation will hinder his progress others say it removes the pressure, either way his return ensure the 2010 season will be as interesting as ever.


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