Issue Number Five


Paper time has come around again. There is no time for anybody to get back into the swing of work / paper / life balance – just everyone diving back in to make sure we go to print on time, with the best articles possible.

Life has not been made easy by the snow. The Union building is closing again tonight at 6pm, which is a real pain as many editors (myself included) prefer to work late into the night, when the atmosphere gets that bit more crazy and hyper. Southampton is one city that has not been too affected by the snow, and choosing to wear Wellington boots this morning was more of an attempt to insert some colour into my life (purple) rather than an attempt to protect myself from falling over on the snow. Yes, the ice is slippery, but it does not call for the library, the union and the café all closing far earlier than usual. I appreciate that many people may have a long way to get home, but letting a little bit of snow affect our opportunities to revise and take part in extra-curricular activities is not warranted.

That is as much of a rant as I can muster for now, as seeing as I only have an hour until I am evicted from the Wessex Scene office, I should probably get back to making sure you have a great newspaper to read shortly.


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