Student Elections


There are no sabbatical officers standing uncontested. Each sabbatical officer plays a major role in the running of the student’s union, receiving a salary of approximately £19,000.

Union President Candidates

  • Aris Tsontzos
  • Joseph Belcher
  • William Fitzjohn
  • Derek Mallinson
  • Martin Underwood

VP Media and Communications Candidates

  • Charlotte Woods
  • David Taylor
  • Tom Stacey
  • Maximillian Hughes-Williams
  • Liam Gallagher

VP Welfare and Societies

  • Emily Rees
  • Andrew Hart
  • Harriet Collins

VP Education and Representation

  • Rob Stanning
  • Chris ‘Pidge’ Pidgley

Athletic Union President

  • Edward Wilkes
  • William Harvey
  • Liam Tillett

Winchester President

  • Charlene Batchelor
  • Sam Russell

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