Student Elections


The Wessex Scene can now inform you of the candidates standing in the SUSU elections. There are three sorts of candidates: sabbatical officers (paid, full-time positions); executive officers (voluntary officers who work underneath a sabbatical whilst still students); and UCOMs (up to ten students who sit on Union Council and are able to vote on motions.)

This year, there were only four candidates standing for a UCOM position, so their place is now confirmed. They are:

  • Joseph Mcloughlin
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Samuel Hall
  • Sasha Watson

Similarly, all candidates standing for the role of executive officers also stood uncontested. The roles went to:

  • Akhil Gowrinath (Societies)
  • Dean Jones (AU Officer)
  • Jonathan Davies (Schools Liason)
  • Frankie Fry (Equal Opportunities)
  • Aaron Bali (Environment and Ethics)
  • Grace Allingham (RAG)
  • Joshua Thompson (JCR)

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