Final Blog Relaunched


Wow, I am starting to lose touch on how many times we have got a new blog! Okay… that might be a little of an exaggeration, but this is the third and FINAL blog!

The first two, while successful, were a bit of a technological disaster. I created them in two different formats and while my computer skills are certainly more advanced than they were last year, I have never had the time to mess with the html and make something outside of a standard blog format.

When Chris emailed me asking to get involved, I let out a massive sigh of relief. He wanted to help! And he knew how! Wow! I have since been left amazed by his technological skill and he still has many plans to develop the site (keeping the name though, for once). I have since been contacted by graphic designers at Winchester and they want to help out too, so expect some arty content on these pages very soon.

Many of our blog writers now have their own accounts and will be contributing regularly. Feel free to comment on their posts, but please leave an email address for us to contact you directly if you would prefer.

With elections tonight, it seemed like the perfect time to get things going. We of course will bring you the results as soon as they happen, so keep checking for updated information.

Finally, if you want to get involved, please do get in touch. Whether you are a writer, a photographer, designer or just a Wessex Scene lover, we have something for you to get involved with!


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