Unexploded World War II bomb found in Southampton


London road was evacuated at 10.05am this morning after an unexploded German World War II bomb was found by builders working on a construction site.

Police revealed that the builders found the 45g unexploded bomb with 12 inches visible above the ground.

A ‘rest centre’ was created in the former Magistrate’s Court in the Civic Centre for any residents that had been evacuated.

Both ends of London road were cordoned off and the Royal Logistics Corps arrived on the scene. Residents were told that the bomb deposal team from the Royal Engineers were expected to arrive at 4.30pm to carry out a controlled explosion away from the area and London Road is not expected to re-open until 7pm this evening. Bluestar’s facebook page informed students that the Uni-link U1 and U2 have been affected bythe road closure.


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