Insurance troubles for balcony fall student


Philip Pain became a familiar face on posters in Southampton campuses in an appeal for rare O-negative blood donors in Mexico to save his life. However, he now faces enormous medical bills in a battle with his travel insurance company, who are withholding payments since it emerged he had been drinking. His extreme injuries following the six-storey fall on New Years Eve and resultant two-week coma have now been largely treated, but the medical costs are extensive. Pain admitted he could not recall going over the balcony, but was insistent that he must have been sleepwalking, as he would not have jumped.

Phillip Pain studies Spanish at Southampton University, where the campaign to find a donor was centered. The Facebook group advertising his plight still has 13,600 members, and is being used to update all those who helped on Pain’s progress. Now back in the UK recovering from an operation to his leg, he is hoping to return to his studies in October.


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