Jesters' £500 Drop Party poses safety risks?


Concerns have been raised over a club in Southampton’s plans to drop £500 from the ceiling at midnight on Thursday 11th March.

Jesters nightclub, one of the most popular student clubs in Southampton, is planning on dropping £500 from the ceiling, as part of it’s ‘Big £500 Money Drop Party’ event.

The event is run by organisers, ‘Let’s Get F*cked Southampton’, and is the first of it’s kind to take place in Southampton. The night  has been promoted heavily on facebook and has already sold over 500 tickets. Organisers of the event have said that they expect all tickets to sell out. Over 1000 students on facebook have said that they may be attending.

However, regular visitors to the nightclub have already voiced concerns in anticipation of the event. Furthermore, health and safety issues have been raised regarding the situation.

One student said: ‘ It sounds  fun, but any student who has been to Jesters will know that it can get extremely busy, and students have a reputation for being less-than-sober.  Like any clubs, fights sometimes happen, and the very idea of packs of students fighting over free money in an enclosed space is really daunting.’

One of the organisers of the event, Tom Callum, said: ‘The event will be run outside in the smoking area of Jesters due to the low ceiling inside. At midnight £250 in bank notes and £250 worth of drinks vouchers will be released by security above on the roof. Security will be nearby to make sure that there will be no scuffles and it will be pretty busy.’

The student, who attends Solent University continued: ‘The event is relaxed though, there’s no pressure, it’ll be pretty cool, we’ll have fun.’

Another organiser, who would prefer not to be named, also said that the night will be a good one, but with certain precautions put into place. He said: ‘I’ve been involved in a similar event at the Ministry of Sound and it’s alright if you get the right amount of bouncers. People don’t get stupid because they know that they’ll get chucked out. The event will be very safe.’

He continued: ‘All clubs, bars and public places have to have a public liability licence which means that if anyone gets hurt then there are certain procedures that will be put in place.’

All tickets for the event have sold out, but organisers have said that a limited amount should be made available on the door. The anonymous organiser said: ‘Students hoping to attend the event need to get there early to avoid disappointment. But with 20p shots all night, UV cannons and lasers, strobes, smoke machines, indoor fireworks, this will be a night not to be missed.’

Do you think this event is just a bit of harmless fun, or is there a health risk? Please leave us your comments below:


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