Fluoride? In MY Water?


Councillors are preparing to vote on the whether the health authority should ask residents if they want fluoride in their water. A referendum on the controversial plans to fluoridate Hampshire water supplies could be a step closer.

Next Wednesday councillors will vote on whether to call on South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to ask residents if they want fluoride added to their water supplies. The scheme will affect nearly 200,000 homes in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netiey and Rownhams. The move follows complaints from anti-fluoridation campaigners that the public opinion was ignored when the SHA approved the scheme. However, they insist they are following Government guidelines who say that whilst they had to consider public opinion- they aren’t tied to it.

The plans are currently on hold while the High Court considers a judicial review of the decision, as 72% of people from the affected area who responded to a consultation told the health authority that they are against fluoridation.

Royston Smith, deputy council leader is behind next week’s vote and believes it is essential the people have a definitive say on such an emotive issue he maintains that having a referendum once and for all on what is put in the water is the right thing to do.


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    The adding of Fluoride to the water has proven benefits for the poorest people in society. This decision has been turned into a political football by the conservative council desperate to score points in the run up to the local elections. The decision was taken by an independent body as it benefits the majority of the population. Fluoride has no proven negatives only positives to dental health of those wither poorer diets, typically the poorest section of society. Unfortunatly the poeple of Southampton look set to lose out because of the politcal point scoring of conservative councillers, desperate to keep power rather than benefit the most vunerable in society.

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