Reject the Closure of Sports Studies Degrees- Petition Now Online


A petition asking the University to reject the proposed closure of Sports degrees has been made available online. It can be accessed here.
This is part of a campaign to persuade the University to keep Sports degrees, which will also feature a day of action on Thursday 18th March beginning at 12:00 on the concourse. The day will involve collecting signatures for a hard copy of the petition, as well as raising awareness about the issue among the student population. A further demonstration will take place on March 25th when the final decision will be made by University Council.

The University claims the decision to end sports degrees is part of the strategy to focus on areas of research excellence and not motivated by finances. However, recent commitments from University management to prioritise income-generating research suggests otherwise.
In addition to this Sports Studies representatives contend that staff on the course have conducted excellent research, despite the minimal investment they have received from the University. They also point to the fact that Sports Studies at Southampton is a high quality programme for which the University has become well known and well respected. The numerous community projects sports students are engaged in would also suffer on termination of the programme.

If you are against the closure of Sports Studies degrees sign the petition and attend the day of action on Thursday. For more information, pick up the latest copy of the Wessex Scene.


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    I hate to say this guys, but it’s too late. I spoke to a student who was originally offered a place to do Sports Studies and he has been told that it’s not going ahead next year via official communication from the University. This will have got sent to all prospective students. No 2010 students = no course.

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      Would you be able to get the evidence to validate this? If its an e-mail can it be forwarded to and if its a letter, could it be scanned and sent to the same address.
      The university have assured staff and students that the final decision will be made by council on March 25th and that if the decision to drop it is taken, it will be phased out over the next three years, meaning the 2010 in take should get a degree. If they aren’t telling the truth about that, it needs to be publicised.

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