The Day the UK Stood Still


On 13th March 2010 at 12:30 p.m, those shopping in Southampton, and indeed all over the UK, may have noticed something weird and wonderful on their local streets. It was at this time that the UK Big Freeze took place, which, running under the slogan of ‘uniting the nation for 5 minutes’, aimed to host a 5-minute long ‘flash mob’, which is a group of people in a public place performing ‘an unusual action’. In this case, everyone in on the idea stood completely still for 5 minutes, with interesting poses ranging from lying on the floor to something more simple, such as freezing in the middle of having a conversation.

The UK-wide event was organised by Josh Forwood, and the Southampton based part of the freeze by Aris Leo Tsontzos. In Southampton, at least 20 participants froze outisde the Above Bar entrance to WestQuay, causing confusion amongst those who did not know anything about the freeze. The aim of the event was to raise at least £5000 for the World Wide Fund, the work of which concerns nature conservation. Updates regarding how much was raised in total, as well as footage of the Southampton event will be posted once they are made available. In the mean time, here is some video footage of the freeze in Bristol.


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