Student Party Group Name Angers Authorities


The popular student run party organizers ‘Let’s Get F*cked Southampton’ have come under scrutiny for promoting the ‘messiest’ nights in the city.

The police and licensing leaders have criticized the ‘irresponsible’ promotors for encouraging reckless behavior and adding to the already boozy image of Southampton’s night life. They have been working hard to try to change this image as well as to reduce alcohol related crime.

LGF have described their next event on April 19th as ‘one last blowout before exams and hand-ins’. Participating students will buy one ticket which gives entry to four of Southampton’s clubs: 90 Degrees, Aura, Buddha Lounge and The Whitehouse.

Inspector Phil Bates took issue with the name of the event describing it as ‘unfortunate’ and is strongly encouraging a change. He said he plans to contact the organizers ahead of their next event. Surprisingly Insp. Bates praised other student targeted pub crawls for being well run and causing little trouble for police. He said they have no problems with events like carnage because they are well marshalled and the police know in advance when they are to take place so they can plan accordingly. However, one doesn’t have to think back very far to recall the image of the drunken student urinating on a war memorial earlier this year during one night of ‘Carnage’.

Changes in liscensing laws from April 6th led Richard Elbrough, chairman of Southampton’s licensing links, to question the legality of such events. He said some of the promotions they are offering, such as a free shot on entry, are potentially illegal.

Elbrough slammed the name of the event as very irresponsible and sending out the wrong message that the licensing organization have been working against for the past 10 years. He hoped members of the organization would be careful about joining in with these promotions and avoid those that give off an irresponsible image.

What are your opinions on the criticism? Is the name ‘Carnage’ really any better? Do you think the police and licensing leaders are right to take issue, or simply acting as kill-joys who should let students get on with it?


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    The names of both Carnange and LGF imply the same thing – LGF is just more direct about it. From what you’ve said there it seems the only reason the police are happy with Carnage is because its more established – they know to prepare for it.

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