Minutes from Women's Day and Men's Day Planning Sessions


Minutes for the Welfare committee that discussed plans for both men’s day and women’s day show two different motivations behind the events. The minutes from the meeting that took place on Friday 5th February, chaired by VP Welfare and Societies Sophie Patterson, highlight why men’s day was such a success. However it also suggests why women’s day aggravated students, and shows that this can be attributed to more than just a poor poster design.

The minutes concerning men’s day read as followed:

61.1 Men’s Day – Ritvik Walia reported that he is arranging a Men’s Day on Tuesday 16th March. He is arranging a “very manly” day which will aim to raise awareness of Prostate and Testicular cancer. Everyman, research centre for Prostate and Testicular cancer will be sending information packs. The day will involve a hog roast and bbq selling “very spicy” sausages supplied by the butcher who attends the Monday market. There will be a charge for the hog roast and bbq with proceeds to Everyman. The Gadget Shop in Southampton will be having a stand and will be selling gadgets. American Football will be organising a press up competition. The rowing club will run a competition for best time on the rowing machine. Proceeds to charity. There will also be a stand giving out condoms and chlamydia checks.

Ritvik has emailed Dr Christian Jessen from Channel 4 programme Embarrassing Illnesses asking him to attend the day. He has also emailed Daz for a Boys v Girls quiz in the Bridge Bar with proceeds to charity.

It is hoped to screen Die Hard 4 on the Wednesday 17th March again with proceeds to charity. It was suggested that the DVD that Everyman will be sending is screened before the film.

The minutes concerning women’s day read as followed:

63 Women’s Day – Harriet Collins, Womens’ Officer is organising a Women’s Day on 9th March. Monday 8th March is International Womens’ Day. Amnesty International will be present.

Harriet has also been invited to attend talks between 11am-12.30pm with staff at University regarding experiences of women working in the University.

Ideas for the day are as followings:-

– Cheer leading team

– Manicures

– Shine hairdresser

– Masseuse Ethical Underwear supplier

– Having dance mats or sing star Self Defence Demonstrations.

– Sophie to speak to Kung Fu Club.

– Sweet company/cakes

– Cocktails in Stags Head

– Dress swap and vintage clothes stalls

– Candy floss

– Sign up for Women’s running group.

The minutes can be found in full here.


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    Interestingly the following meeting (26th feb) the minutes say this, showing more focus on the health aspects:

    “Women’s Day is 8th March.
    SUSU is having its own Women’s Day on 9th March with stalls on the concourse. Cervical Cancer Charity will be here and also Women’s Aid. Various entertainment too.”

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    Still going on about this; it’s getting really boring surely if you care about it this much why aren’t you organising a boycott of the union or some form of protest. Please spend some more time talking about issues that actually effect students like the general election, it’s shocking the wessex scene haven’t even posted a list of who the candidates running are.

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      Although this story has been going on for a number of weeks, it is a subject that clearly a large number of people have strong opinion about, (this topic has been by far our most discussed) and so we have felt it appropriate to keep people informed on any updates. But yes – this is the last post you’ll hear about this for a while.

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      Just to clarify – this is Wessex Blog, not Wessex Scene. The new issue of the Wessex Scene has a heavy election focus so we decided not to post too much on the blog so as not to ruin the next issue. However we have published a detailed transcript of the debate that occurred yesterday on the blog, so please read that for further information about candidates standing in the Southampton area.

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    I think its good the Wessex Scene are not taking action – the point of a newspaper is to put information out there, not protest. They have given us information that clearly affect students!

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