A song about *insert your name here* by the Melodramas


Exciting band ‘The Melodramas’ have signed up to do their bit for charity and will write and record a song about whomever bids the highest for the privilege. The money raised will be donated to the Apnalaya charity as part of the Slum It event taking place on Monday.

In case you haven’t heard of them, the Melodramas is an exciting new band made up of Southampton University student Sam, his brother Matt, Gregory and Robert. A recent gig at the Joiners had them playing their set list of songs such as Elephant and The Antidote which have hints of their inspirations- The New York Dolls and Blur, to name a couple, but there is also the sound of the exotic. Their sound has likely been inspired by their recent trips to Kuwait, Australia and Vietnam. Not bad for an unsigned band.

The bidding has already been open for a few weeks, but there is still a chance to have your name immortalised in music history. All you have to do is state how much you would like to pay on the Facebook group ‘You’re doing what for charity?!’ or just click here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=404804489814&v=app_2373072738&ref=ts#!/topic.php?uid=404804489814&topic=13711.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday on the Wessex Blog so get bidding! At the moment, the lady to beat is Tanya Blundell, who has generously offered ten pounds and fifty pence.

And the winner is……..drum roll……Adam Gerard, from Singapore!!


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