Be the Change in Your Union


Students across the University have voiced concerns over the running of our Student Union after controversy was caused at the AGM on Thursday. This evening, elections for next year’s Union Council positions will take place, providing opportunities for students to take an active role in changing their Union.

The Wessex Blog reported last week how students were angered over the running of the Union’s AGM. With not enough students present, eventually the validity of motions passed was questioned. Furthermore, many of the proposed motions were not discussed as the meeting ran out of time after three hours.

Students have heavily criticised the meeting on Facebook. One student commented:  ‘The fact that motions raised by union members were not heard due to matters which should have been (and have already been discussed) in Union Council is inherently unfair to members who aren’t part of the council. Most of the time was spent dealing with motions arising from disagreements within union council that had not been properly challenged within the council meetings (motions that had passed then but were being challenged now), resulting in normal members losing their own voice in the only open voting meeting of the year. When I protested against the University two years ago for the student voice not to be silenced by the University, I didn’t realise we’d not be able to use our voice properly in our own Union a couple of years later.’

If you feel that your voice is silenced, and want to do something about it, then why not run for a Union Council position this evening? An Emergency General Meeting is taking place this evening at 5pm in The Cube.  Directly after this, in the same place, Union Council will also meet where the council members for next year will be elected. If less than 250 people attend the Emergency General Meeting, then all motions will be passed to Union Council where only council members can vote. However, if you want a say in how your Union is run, and would like to get involved in changing the problems that you see at your Union, then why don’t you stand for one of the many positions yourself?

Dubbed ‘Get Involved Day’ by advertisers of the Union, this evening provides the opportunity for you to actively become a part of your Union. Becoming a member of Union Council allows students to vote at every Union Council meeting on such issues as the ones that were discussed at the AGM.

The positions available are:

–          PostGrad Officer

–          Cultural Diversity Officer

–          Environment Co-ordinator

–          Ethical Co-ordinator

–           International Students

–           LGBT Officer

–           Mature Students’ Co-ordinator

–           Men’s Officer

–          Part-time Students

–          Students with Disabilities Co-ordinator

–           Nursing & Midwifery Officer

–          Women’s Officer

–          Community Volunteering Officer

–          Post Graduate Societies Representative

–          School President: Chemistry

–          School President: ECS

–          School President: Education

–          Vice President Humanities (History)

–          Vice President Humanities( Modern Languages)

–          Vice President Humanities (Archaeology)

–          Vice President Humanities (Music)

–          Vice President Social Sciences (Social Statistics)

–          Vice President Social sciences (Social Work)

–          Vice President Health Sciences (Nursing)

–          Vice President Health Sciences (Podiatry)

–          Vice President Health Sciences ( Midwifery)

–          Vice President Health Sciences (Physiotherapy)

–          Vice President Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy)

–          Faculty Officer for Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

–           Faculty Officer for Engineering Science and Mathematics

–           Faculty Officer for Law Arts and Social Sciences

–           Union Council Ordinary Members

Come prepared with why you want to run, what you want to achieve and why you think you would be best for the role.


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