Fit Finder: People-watching from the Comfort of your Own Home?


During the stressful period of exam revision, distractions manifest themselves in all sorts of ways. Suddenly, cleaning my room doesn’t seem like that bad an idea, hoovering the living room has become a top priority and regularly checking emails soon becomes of paramount importance. Having a moment of coming to my senses, I shake away these thoughts and turn on my lap-top, in the hope of completing my coursework.

Seems sensible and distraction-free enough, but then Facebook draws me in, and without even realising it, I have wasted twenty minutes of my life glazing over at a series of messages and updates. The Wessex Scene team also recently blogged about latest craze Chat Roulette, conducting an experiment to investigate the sorts of people who use it.

If after something a little tamer and somewhat less intrusive, Fit Finder is the solution. The idea of it fascinates me. In the library, where I thought only talking and studying took place, I now know that some are in fact secretly observing the most attractive students and documenting their thoughts of who they see on the Internet, taking ‘Smitten in Soton’ to a whole new and more instant level.

For those who haven’t heard of the site, which is little more than a month old, the idea is that you can theoretically locate ‘fitties’, by entering your city and then a more precise idea of location. For example, the Southampton Fit Finder has a wide range of locations through which you can browse to find descriptions of people. The site was initially developed as ‘a means of communicating between friends in the library’, but has evidently branched out since then, attracting an increasing number of requests. According to The Times, Fit Finder is ‘revolutionising library studies’.

Turns out there are more weird and wonderful sources of distractions than I previously thought during this crucial time of year. What are the best comments you’ve read on the site?


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