“Girl stabbed” on Gordon Avenue after phone robbery fracas


Part of Gordon Avenue, Livingstone Road and the end of Earls Road are currently closed off  as it is being treated as a crime scene by Police Investigators, following an attack that took place some time before 8:30pm.

Local students have reported, having taken part in Police door-to-door questioning, that a girl was stabbed during an attempted phone robbery as she left a house to make a phone call to her mother. It has also been reported from a resident that a second person may have been injured, but neither have been officially confirmed in a statement by the Police thus far.

The girl was found conscious, but was barely able to offer any information to the Police when they reached the scene, and has been taken to hospital.

Residents are not being allowed to leave the taped off area whilst police investigators examine and take photographs of the crime scene. Residents are being told to stay in their houses in the corderned off area and anyone who leaves the area has to give their details to the police.

A police officer said that the area would remain closed off indefinitely until the all-clear was given.

This article will be updated as and when more information becomes available. In the meantime, it is strongly recommended that if you live in the area, you remain indoors for your own safety, even if the problem has seemingly passed.


Update 21:36 – People are now being allowed to enter the enclosed area, upon the production of ID. Officers on the street are also watching where and what people entering the street do, ensuring they are entering their homes. CSI are currently on their way to the location.

Update 22:11 – Reports are saying that a girl has been attacked after a robbery went wrong on Gordon Avenue. She is now said to have been taken to hospital. Earls Road and Livingston Road are remaining cordoned off.

Update 23:30 – Police have been conducting door-to-door inquiries asking residents for any information. They confirmed with a resident that a ‘serious incident’ had taken place involving a female student and a male on the corner of Livingstone Road and Gordon Avenue.

Update 00:07 – As a result of the Police asking questions door-to-door, it has been reported by students living on Gordon Avenue that a girl was stabbed whilst outside a house near the corner of Gordon Avenue and Livingstone Road. The attacker then attempted to rob the girl of her phone, and upon refusal, was attacked. The girl is still in hospital; her condition is unknown.


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    Could I suggest that you remove the last update as it is completely untrue, and I feel attempting to blame the housemates is unacceptable. They have enough to deal with. Thanks.

    Sasha Watson

    Hi Dave, the comment has been removed, sorry that I didnt consider that side of view when the report came in. I was never trying to blame the housemates, but more get an understanding of how the girl was attacked. The newer article clarifies it all up, but yes its been removed and Im very sorry. If you know her, I do hope she is recovering quickly, its bloody awful.

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