Girl Attacked with a Sharp Weapon on Gordon Avenue – Latest


Police are launching a criminal investigation after a 21-year-old female was attacked on Gordon Avenue, around 19.45 yesterday evening.

The victim was on the phone to her mother at the time of her attack and was threatened with a sharp weapon before being injured in the stomach . The female was later taken to hospital with what is described as non-life threatening injuries.

The 21-year-old, who is believed to be a student at the University, activated a personal alarm and fled to a nearby house.

The attack is one in a line of incidents involving students to have happened within the last fortnight. On Friday night two male students at the University were attacked by four men who jumped them from a car at approximately 2.15am at the end of Alma Road on their way home from a night out.

One of the victims from Friday night was taken to hospital with a broken jaw, it is believed. Fourth-year Maths student Stuart Wells witnessed the attack. He said: ‘These guys in a car were starting on the two students, who ignored them and carried on walking. But the car drove forward and waited for them where Alma Road meets Portswood Road, where they got out and kicked the hell out out them. They had a chain or a belt or something and started hitting one of the guys with it when he was already on the floor.’

When asked about the latest attacks, a police spokesperson said: ‘There’s unfortunately always an increase in attacks on students at the start of the academic year – there is a peak and it always happens. I know the Crime Prevention Unit did a lot of work with freshers to ensure they knew the best ways to keep themselves protected against robbery and things like that. Its just that students are more likely to be about late at night.’

Last night’s attack saw the whole of Gordon Avenue, Earls Road and Livingston Road cordoned off for the night, with people not allowed through until approximately 11.30pm. Police conducted door-to-door enquiries late into the night in attempts to ascertain details of the incident.

In a press release, Detective Sergeant Will Whale said: ‘This is a high density student area and there would have been a lot of people around at the time of this attack. I need people to come forward and tell us if they saw or heard anything which could be connected and help us in this investigation.’

Police are asking for anyone who was in the area for either of the attacks to come forward with any information by calling 101 or to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


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    Just a couple of pointers for improving the quality of your work Justine:

    “21 year old female”
    “The 21 year-old”

    If you’re not sure how to use a particular bit of grammar – in this case, the hyphen – then look it up, or as a last resort, just be consistent. Consistency is almost as valuable as getting it right. “21-year-old” is considered correct usage; you also needed to write “non-life threatening”.

    Also, think about either using a few more commas in your longer sentences to make them easier to read, or breaking them down to contain fewer clauses. Your second and fourth paragraphs in particular could do with another look.

    Lastly, note that the correct phrase to describe what was launched by the police is “criminal investigation”, not “crime investigation”.

    Otherwise, great article!

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      Justine Tatt

      Thank you for your feedback Stephen. The article was written very quickly before I went to University this morning to try and get it out as soon as possible but I will try to ensure all articles are thoroughly checked in the future.

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    I love Stephens comment, how about a girl got attacked last night not far from where most of the student community live and your picking out every single grammer error. Shame on you! I think that comment would have been better given privately!

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      Equally one might argue that your confused jumble of misspelt words ought not be aired in the public forum, Laura.

      This is of course an awful thing to happen to someone, and I hope that the girl is able to make a quick recovery. I have equal hope that the person who saw fit to stab someone over a phone will perish and putrify in the depths of hell.

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    Why haven’t the university sent out a security announcement when they should have done first thing this morning? Funny how they send them to warn us about snow and ice but we hear nothing when someone has been stabbed!

    We shouldn’t have to rely on the student newspaper for information on such serious matters but well done to the Wessex Scene for the updates last night.

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      look what just turned up – a generic cut and paste email…

      “Dear Students,
      Student safety at the University of Southampton

      As a result of recent incidents which have occurred within the city, we would like to take this opportunity to remind students about personal safety issues.

      When walking home from campus or from a night out, be alert and do not walk alone through isolated areas which could make you more vulnerable.

      Avoid taking short cuts even if you are late and only use roads that are well-lit and well travelled, avoiding dark alleyways and parks. There are maps to inform walkers and cyclists about the alternative high-visibility routes they can take between Burgess Road and Highfield Avenue, rather than using Lovers’ Walk.

      If you are walking at night, don’t use a mobile phone or MP3 player – you can be too distracted to notice things happening around you. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, walk purposefully, confidently and keep moving.

      The Students’ Union has many safety tips on its website, including a section especially for international students, and publishes and distributes a ‘Student Survival Guide’. Night buses are also organised to take students home safely after a night out on campus. Students are also encouraged to invest in a personal alarm and these are on sale in the Students’ Union shop.

      If you are the subject of an attack we urge you to let us know. If we are aware of incidents there are a number of services in place that can offer immediate support and assistance to students. Our First Support team can also offer substantial practical assistance and professional support. The Student Support website offers practical information and provides emergency and out of hours contact details.”

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    thank you for publicising these events; I am the father of the third year student who was assaulted and did indeed suffer a double fracture to his jaw. He has undergone facial reconstructive surgery at the Royal Surrey in Guildford. I am not sure what injuries his friend sustained. I am sorry to read about the young lady and her injuries and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. What concerns me most of all is the attitude of the police officers who attended and who told him that there was nothing they could do. They seem unable to speak to your witness who I believe called them in the first place and I am grateful to him for doing so. They also seem unable to view any CCTV footage which must be in existance and could posibly identify the perpetrators. Other avenues of enquiry are also available to them. I am sure this group has struck before and unless they are stopped will do so again with possibly more serious consequences.

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