University Vice Chancellor Responds to Browne Report


The Vice Chancellor of the University of Southampton, Professor Donald Nutbeam has released his response to the Browne Report. The response, alongside the position of SUSU Sabbatical Officers can be found at

The Vice Chancellor has stated that;

“The Report recognises the damaging constraints on funding for higher education produced under current arrangements and recommends radical changes, significantly reducing public support and placing much more of the burden on graduates.”

As revealed in the earlier Wessex Scene report, the highlights of Browne’s Report were:

– the removal of tuition fee cap
– rise of repayment threshold to £21,000
– system to allow for 10% increase in student places
– interest levels to mirror that of government loans
– part-time students allowed access to government funding

Read the full Wessex Scene report on Browne’s findings here:


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    With part-time students now gaining access to government funding, amongst the other changes, it seems inevitable that we are about to see the death of the ‘traditional’ student experience sooner or later.

    Even speaking as someone for whom large parts of that were a massive disadvantage during the three years spent at Southampton, I have to question the merit of that.

    SUSU’s decision to come out pre-emptively over fee changes a couple of years ago is looking absolutely right now. My return to campus to see a PAU production this weekend is going to be laced with the knowledge it may be one of the last.

    Student life as we know it is under threat. And I don’t think that’s unintended.

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    I wouldn’t call this a response as much as blandly saying what happened in needlessly technical language.
    How about some useful infomation Don, like are you going to raise fees if the cap comes off?
    (Not a dig at the author, you had to work with what you’re given)

    Charlotte Woods (VP Media and Comms)

    I’ve got a much more detailed response from the University in terms of their next steps, but they sent it to me in anticipation of the review, so Billy is asking them for a revised version. I will post it on the sabb blog and provide a link here when it is available.

    Sasha Watson

    As a Russel Group uni, Don can hide his true feelings behind the group’s political standing point. RG have already said they wanted fees to go up (although if there really is an 80% cut in HE funding, you can understand why, as they’ll be broke otherwise), so Don taking the flak with an individual statement isnt necessary. His statement is very typical of trying to appear “progressive” – its not. Most students earn 25-40k a year; they will be the ones who pay the most on their loans.

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