Dodgettes Take National Title


Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. You may be familiar with the unique sport ‘Dodgeball’ due to the hilarious American comedy of the same name. However, for some students at this university, it is more than just a laugh.

This June, Southampton University Dodgeball Club travelled to Hertfordshire to support the Women’s team, the Southampton Dodgettes, in the national championship finals. Having qualified earlier in the year, the Dodgettes were ready for a gripping tournament. They breezed through the semi-finals, beating Nottingham University in four of five fast paced two minute games to reach the finals.

In their most important match since being formed in 2007, the Dodgettes came face-to-face with their archrivals: Team Bio-hazard (which include some of their graduate players). The excellent team work and catching skills exhibited by the Dodgettes was too much for the Bio-hazard’s power game as they won four of the first five games to post a 4-0 winning margin and pick up the cup.

“I’m so proud of the team, everyone worked so hard for it and we couldn’t be more pleased,” says captain Philippa Sully, who took the team to victory.

Dodgeball is an up-and-coming sport for men and women, with more and more women’s teams starting up around the country. The Dodgettes formed in 2007 and it has taken three years of dedication and love for the sport to take the national title over 12 other female teams.

The aim for this year? To take a second team to the nationals and take both first and second place. The men’s team are also highly successful, competing against 60 other teams and achieving a top 10 position.


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