Union Hails Freshers’ Week 2010 A Success


Freshers’ Week saw a multitude of events at The Cube, with all union venues enjoying a revival in fortunes. Moving-in weekend kicked off with two separate welcome parties, both of which sold out, with over 3000 new students in attendance. Ticket sales from the events generated almost £12,000.

Other big Cube events, the new ‘I Love College’ and ‘Twisted’, also sold out, with many people queuing to get in on the night. At ‘Twisted’ alone the bar made £6,000 and recieved positive reviews, which called the night “lively” and “a great success”. It remains to be seen whether The Cube will be adopted as a regular haunt once new students start trying other popular Southampton clubs.

Supporting Union venues was a major aspect of Union President Billy FitzJohn’s election manifesto, and so The Cube and halls bars have been the focus of attention this Freshers’ Week.  In the first weekend the bars took £16,000. Chamberlain Bar alone took over £4,000 in one night.

JCR events also ran alongside timetabled Union ones. JCR Officer Josh Thompson said “they have been an awesome alternative to some of the main SUSU events”.

Freshers’ Week’s highlights were not confined to nightlife. RAGfest hit campus on Monday with live music, face painting, a raffle and games, raking in over £1,500 for students’ chosen charities and eclipsing last years takings. Student Survival Day saw the emergency services visit campus, but was cut short when a car-cutting demonstration was interrupted by a genuine call from a woman trapped in a Marks and Spencer’s lift.

The Freshers’ Fayre saw queues of up to an hour in the rain by approximately 10,000 students anxious to get into the Union building for the freebie frenzy on the Friday. Those waiting outside were treated to merchandise by some ‘I Love College’ and Vodka Revolutions reps. Similar numbers entered the Union building for the Bunfight, with more students than ever wanting to get involved. SUSUtv was getting in on the action too, transmitting their first ever live broadcast on Friday, viewed online by a total of 680 people.

Unfortunately there was one absent figure in the week. ‘SUSU’, the Union’s cat, has been remarkably quiet, keeping herself hidden in the Union building. President Billy Fitzjohn told the Wessex Scene: ‘SUSU the cat is still alive…maybe she was afraid of the ducks on campus during the bunfight.’


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