SU Lib Dems get quizzical for charity


Last Thursday, Southampton University Liberal Democrats raised a £100 for Raise and Give, the Student Union’s fundraising wing for charity.

The event was hosted in the Bridge Bar and was well attended. One of the drives of the committee this year is to get involved with other societies, Emily Eldridge, the President of Lib Dem soc, commented that “We had people turn up from all sorts of societies including Labour society, Freedom society, debating and SUPA”.

While there were a few, “controversial” questions during the quiz which ranged from most popular non alcoholic drink (I’m assured it is coffee, much to the frustrations of some participants!) to the colour of the “No.10” in Downing Street (Off white, really?), the event was successful in bringing together people from across the political spectrum to have a good time in the name of charity.

The end of the quiz also featured Robert Honour perform from Live Soc.  Getting societies involved with each other and to also give to charity was elaborated on by Emily Eldridge: “I thought it was really crucial for Lib Dem soc to be a role model in raising and giving money to charity”.

The Liberal Democrats society is hoping to organize other events with societies throughout the year. The winners of the quiz were members of Freedom Society.


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